Summer Fest, where no one sings live


So I was watching Summer Fest 2013, a sort of song and gogo-dance festival in Albania and noticed that not one performer sang live, or had much of a dance routine, however, when given the chance to speak to the crowd they were out of breath – from what little they did move.  And of course there was a huge crowd watching and singing along, but to what end?

What pleasure does one get out of watching someone mime?  Why not require these pseudo-singers to showcase their “vocal abilities” live but go on with a farce? Why willingly deceive yourself that you are actually watching someone perform, when they are in fact, miming?  Is it only the music that’s attractive? Is it the euphoria that one gets from large crowds in a state of enjoyment?  A combination of the two?

As usual, I have more questions than answers with whatever goes on in Albania.  My only attempt at an answer would be to suggest that the House-Dance DJ culture, which has seen much success in this part of the world, has condition audiences not to expect live performers.  So long as there is sound (music to some), and loud sound at that, all’s good.

It’s also worth mentioning that this is an Italian practice. Most Italian TV shows, programs or festivals (save for the annual Sanremo), are all in playback.  And as with most things, Albania is always looking towards Italy for cues, be it political or something as trivial as shows and festivals.

Meanwhile, try to get through some awful miming: